Cloth napkins in colors matching the wedding theme are typical at nuptials, even though personalized paper napkins are well advertised. I have seen printed varieties usually a but more at cocktail-type wedding receptions. Also, they have appeared at less formal backyard barbecue- type receptions to add a little formality.

If you are renting linens, ordering personalized napkins for everyone could be overkill on the budget, but they could be used sparingly at the cocktail hour for drinks. Some guests may use them and some may pocket them as a memento.

If you have an unlimited budget, use both, but if you are on a budget, using them strategically, as mentioned at cocktail or perhaps dessert hour may stretch the supply. After all, you don’t want 100 of them mopping up a single drink spill.

As far as cost goes, ordering in quantity can bring a price of around .25-.35 per napkin. Compare that to the cost of renting linen napkins and see where you come in.

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