Happy New Year…in a few hours, of course. Nothing says New Years like heaping on a pile of ginormous and unobtainable diet resolutions. Common sense, the angel on our shoulder, urges us to consider stepping away from the potato chips, half the sugar in the cookie recipe and go for a walk. The devil on the other shoulder tells us not to eat a bag of Poppycock, as that would be too obviously devilish, but instead deceives us by suggesting a quick fix.

One year, eating cabbage soup two meals a day was the “answer.” Alli and other pills languish on the shelves when they flew off a few years ago. Maybe the leakage scared folks away. Then there is HCG, which involves using pregnancy hormones as a weight loss cure. Tapeworms, anyone?

We have all dealt with the battle of the bulge. I don’t have any issues with obesity or weight, but do notice that I have to work to shift a pound instead of maintaining the metabolism and hormones of a 20 year old, where I could just stop drinking soda for a day and I was back to svelte.

Today I am politely trying all of the 42 issues baked by relatives, but tomorrow I am hitting the hiking trail, while contemplated the recipes, snacks and other features for this year’s blog articles. After I recover on the sofa.

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