folgers.jpgThe Folger’s plant in Downtown Kansas City will be closing in 2011. Operations will be relocated to the Smuckers headquarters in Ohio to consolidate operations. While it of course will mean job loss for Kansas City, the locale will also loose an iconic building. The troops are rallying to save the historic structure.  I first heard it from @ShellyKramer on Twitter who is local to the area, and there is hope that it wouldn’t be turned into condos.

I have my own proposal for the structure. Actually there are two.  This would be the most awesome bed and breakfast. You know, it would be “The Best Part of Waking Up.” While most coffee operations would be moved to Ohio, maybe a small amount in small batches would be made here.  It would be like going to one of those winery tours where you learn to brew your own wine.  No secrets would be given out, but they could mix the different coffees to your preferences. There could be bins and they would mix you a bag or can of half caff/half decaf.  Or maybe you want to mix Chocolate Silk and Cinnamon Swirl.  Maybe you like them, but not a lot so you add half regular and have Chocolate.  You take that home, and then you could order one there with whipped cream on the top.  Some of the bedrooms would be industrial decor themed and some would be antiquey and cozy – whatever you chose.

Each room would have a theme.  What about the “Scott Bakula Room?” If he is between tv and movie roles, he and his wife (not the actress pictured) perhaps stay there? Or would he sneak into your room and start brewing the coffee to wake you up and sneak out? (Commercial dates to 1985).

Of course, the upper floors would be the rooms, but they all wouldn’t be next to eachother.  There may be rooms with glass cases and historic memorabilia in between. You wouldn’t want your romantic weekend spoiled by the people in the next room, would you?  Or maybe a room would be really big so the whole scout troop would sleep over.   Then, there would be the “business end” down below and a trendy coffee shop for people on the street who are not staying there.  Of course you could order pastries made with Smucker’s Jelly in the middle of them and coffee.   I haven’t decided if I would go with ubertrendy or would hang my hat on the industrial theme again.

Of course, they should leave some of the factory “as-is” for the museum element of it or truck in historical collectible memorabilia about Folger’s and Kansas City history and people would tour it.  You just never know – It could be a really happening Bed and Breakfast/Coffee Shop/Museum and maybe even a funky place to have your wedding reception.  Of course, there would be free coffee with the room rental but it would be BYOB or BYOF – Bring your own Beef or Bring Your Own Fish. Smuckers, the parent company is just not big on main courses.

See…lives are changed with Folger’s.

Follow me on Twitter @TheSnackHound “just because” and for updated news (Oh, and I need a few more followers before Twitter will let me follow more of you!), and follow @SaveFolgersKC too.  I don’t drink coffee…but I brew it for the smell! (Oh, and I love historical buildings).

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9 Responses to “The Best Part of Waking Up…No More?”

Jen Says:

I liked the first commercial better. I remember those horrible coffee commercials as a kid but I was too young to realize what they were saying. As for the Scott Bakula one, I kept expecting him to jump to another time.

I love your idea for the building and hope someone considers it. It’s horrible when they just tear down beautiful buildings with so much history.

thesnackhound Says:

Did you notice there is no mirror in the commercial? Maybe he “leaped in” and is the husband of this couple but when he looks in the mirror a la Quantum Leap, the audience sees who he “leaped in” to.

I heard they wanted to consolidate and move some operations to their HQ, but I have also heard that they want to move some operations to New Orleans. Their old plant down there was damaged by Katrina. It just seems though if they do that, they are taking jobs away from one city and giving them to another rather than responding to actual growth. Business is business and I understand the reasoning for wanting to consolidate operations, but sending jobs to new orleans is destroying one local job market at the expense of another, not responding to growth and adding on.

I would like to see Folger’s stay in KC, but if it will not, I’d like to see the building get some use and add something to the local economy, especially to create new jobs and help those displaced by the closure as well. Many historic buildings in other places at least keep the facade or the lower floors for the sake of history and retaining desirable character in the neighborhood.

Linda Says:

Even though I’m not a coffee drinker, I go for the first commercial as well. Loved “Men of a Certain Age”. For those who didn’t watch it, it’s a reference to Scott Bakula.

Those sound like some great suggestions for the old factory. I hate it when they tear down neat buildings from the past. It’s like they’re killing part of the city and its history.

cardiogirl Says:

I love the fact that most of the advertising in the 50s was about bitching to the wife about her lack of ability, setting her straight and then finding success — with the advertised product.

I also enjoyed Scott’s disbelief that the decaffeinated coffee was actually waking him up.

Leeuna Says:

What an absolutely fantastic idea! And I love Folgers Coffee. It’s been my coffee of choice for years.

And I also love Scott Bakula. I think having him in my kitchen would be the best part of waking up. He was so cute and funny in Quantum Leap, sweet and hilarious on Men of a Certain Age, and adorable as Chuck’s dad on the show Chuck. (Too bad they killed him in the season finale).

Oops. Sorry, I know this was a post about saving the Folgers building and not Bakula. Anyway, you have a great idea in the B&B thing. I think it would rock.

thesnackhound Says:

Linda – I am beginning to wonder how the heck am I able to get up every morning, now. Maybe as a co-non coffee drinker you can shed some light on how the heck I even make it in the morning. Or maybe that’s my problem.

Cardiogirl – Well now commercials are not about our lack of ability but they chide us for not being green enough. It’s green guilt for using too many products…and guilt for not using the advertised product at the same time.

Leeuna – Well, it CAN be about Scott Bakula if you want it to be. I felt bad for him all the time on Quantum Leap because he kept getting scammed out of going home by one thing or the other and then had to leap into portraying Elvis or pregnant ladies, etc during sweeps month. I will say he definitely payed his dues into being on Star Trek, but then they canceled it on him.

He’s probably too busy and famous to read about the Scott Bakula- tie in idea for the Folger’s Factory. He probably won’t get that memo. But I bet being a part of a historical site on a regular basis would be bigger than Star Trek. He could save the city just because people would go to think they can have a legitimate celebrity sighting.

Talon Says:

Chris, I am not going to listen to the commercials because I already have that jingle repeating and repeating in my head. Those old school jingles really linger. I still haven’t got the old Pepsodent jingle out of my head and it’s been over 20 years or so since it played…or it seems it must be.

I did sort of chuckle at Folger’s going to the Smucker’s factory. I’m picturing sticky coffee or caffeinated jams…you know — get the coffee laced Smucker’s raspberry and you put it on a slice of toast and you’re good to go.

I hope they manage to preserve the building. It seems condos (or what they call around here luxury lofts) are the conversion of choice for old buildings in my city. It’s a shame.

Margaret (Nanny Goats) Says:

Well who wouldn’t want to wake up to Scott Bakula bringing you coffee in bed.

Your historic preservation idea is awesome. Have you proposed it to the city yet?

thesnackhound Says:

Talon – I promise – the second commercial DOES NOT have the jingle! You”ll want to punch Harvey in the arm when you see it though, perhaps.

Margaret – Before proposing anything to the city, since Scott Bakula would figure heavily into it…something would have to be pitched to him first. I say ‘pitch’ rather than ‘propose’ unless someone else did it because I consider myself spoken for and Scott Bakula is married. I would have to contact his wife so she could do the proposing. That would work. Maybe she would have to make him coffee so he’d be in the mood to hear about the Folger’s plant and their new apartment in it. (After all, the city could say “if Bakula is not in, it won’t work.”)

If they didn’t like the idea, it could be like going to the Wisconsin Dells where they have the home of the Ringling Brothers Circus when its off season. But since you are there in the season that the circus is, there are no Clydesdales, elephants or clowns around. Folger’s could just say that its off season, and that its the summer or winter home of the Bakulas (whatever is the opposite season from the time you tour the factory bed and breakfast) to explain their absence.

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