I have a confession to make. I did NOT watch the Superbowl. There. I said it. I boycotted it. No, I didn’t boycott it intentionally. I simply did not watch it. How can I be such an important abriter of food related promotional tie-ins? Of course, the commercials are all over the internet. Last year, I was a bit flabbergasted by Denny’s bizarre low tech SuperBowl ad. This year, they have erred on the side of the unusual “what do I make of it?” once again to promote their Tuesday morning Grand Slam breakfast giveaway.

To me, it does not even hold a half melted birthday candle to the genius that is Nannerpuss from 2009. It has the charm of a 1983 5th grader created stop action film. You may disagree, but I am hard pressed to find anything that compares.

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