Today, I went to the mall with my two aunts, mother, and grandmother.  I never shopped on Black Friday before, but decided to go with them just for the company.  At Macy’s, I was able to peruse the Fiesta offerings in The Cellar.
macysnapkin.jpegClearance Table

The clearance table featured Fiesa Ware mixed in with other Cellar favorites.  Spotted were various pieces in Evergreen.  The selection at your Macy’s may vary, but I spotted dinner plates, soup bowls, and bread plates.  There were also several packages of Fiesta cloth napkins in Sunflower. You can get this deal online also for $11.99 for a set of 4. Tablesclothes, which reversed from solid to a woven stripe were also present.

Macy’s Exclusives

There were several “Only at Macy’s” Fiesta items.  There was a boxed set that paired the large pasta serving bowl with a shaker for cheese.  This was on hand in both Ivory and Scarlett.   A large platter in Scarlett was also leaning against the table boxed.   I neglected to mention that this set is also available in Evergreen, but that one was in the Clearance section.

Among the regular display of colors there was a collection with a floral transfer.  This is Fiesta Tangerine with a Sunflower design transfer.  I was unclear whether that this was an exclusive or available elsewhere. I flipped it over just to make sure what I was seeing was correct, and it did have the HLC/Fiesta mark. I have not been able to see this anywhere only, so you will have to check it out at Macy’s Cellar!

Be careful out there!   I was told by one of the employees at Macy’s that I missed the madness this morning.  Even though traffic seemed very light after one P.M., the place was mobbed in the first few hours.

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